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SEGWAY Navimow i108 is a truly perimeter cable free robotic lawn mower designed for lawns up to 800 m².

SEGWAY Navimow i108 has an integrated 140° field-of-view camera that together with AI technology helps it to avoid obstacles like for example toys left on the grass by the kids.

AI-assisted mapping process makes the set-up a breeze and guarantees the product really is usable by anyone.

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Video introduction of SEGWAY Navimow i108

No Perimeter Wires

Simply use your smartphone to guide Navimow and map out virtual boundaries around your lawn.

Identifies 20+ Types Of Obstacles

140° field-of-view camera with built-in Al algorithms detects 20+ types of common objects in the garden. Guide Navimow safely and efficiently through every mow.

AI-assisted Mapping

Revolutionary Assist Mapping simplifies the setup to just a few taps on the Navimow app, making setup easier than ever.

RTK + Vision, Handle Gardens With Tall Trees

EFLS 2.0, the vision-enhanced localisation system provides stable centimetre-level positioning in diverse garden layouts.

Quick, wire-free setup

With Navimow, you don’t need physical perimeter wiring. Connect and control your robotic mower using the Navimow app. With just a few taps, you can set boundaries for multiple lawns, mark off-limit areas, and even create channels to connect multiple areas.

Effortless mapping with AI

With the all-new AI-powered Assist Mapping feature*, Navimow identifies the clear edges of your lawn during mapping and automatically navigates and maps the entire working area. It’s that simple.

Efficient, flawless lawn maintenance

Mows your lawn the way you would, intelligently recharges, and keeps mowing until the job is done. Changes mowing direction after 100% coverage, so your lawn always looks fresh.

Fits into every garden

Lawn covered by trees? Narrow corridor? However complicated your garden layout is, enhanced EFLS 2.0 got you covered: customised RTK technology with Visual Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (VSLAM) enhancement provides stable centimetre-level positioning to handle an incredibly diverse range of lawn layouts.

VSLAM provides enhanced location data and secures Navimow’s accurate position even when it is under the trees or in a narrow corridor

Anytime, anywhere, mow it your way

Create a schedule for each area and let Navimow do the job even when you’re not around.

Customise the edge with vision precision

Now you have two boundary options to fit each part of your garden and cut with machine vision precision.

Standard Boundary

The Standard Boundary is the default setting with vision edge detection integrated, ensuring the mower stays within the virtual boundary.

Ride-on Boundary

The Ride-on Boundary enables the mower to straddle the physical boundary between grass and non-grass areas during mowing to cut even closer to the edge. Just make sure that the pathway is level with the lawn, and there are no steps or gaps nearby.


Navimow can automatically suspend mowing in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, frost, or extreme heat or cold based on local weather forecasts.

Smart App Control

In the Navimow app, you can find everything you need, from interactive guidance and personalised settings to status updates and service extension.


Keep your Navimow on your radar with Navimow app and get alerted, only with Navimow Access+

Battery 5,1 Ah
Battery type Li-ion
Weight 10,9 kg
Size (length x depth x height) 545 × 385 × 285 mm
Noise 58 dB(A)
Max cutting area 800 m²
Cutting height 20-60 mm
Cutting width 180 mm
Water resistance IPX6
Type of cut Mulching
Warranty 3 years
Warranty for battery 2 years
4G module First year free. Later 29,99 € per year.

9 reviews for SEGWAY Navimow i108E

  1. Tonu Raudsepp (verified owner)

    Asjalik ja kiire teenus.

  2. Hannes Tali (verified owner)

    Suurepärane ost!! Niiduk toimetab edukalt ilma igasuguste probleemideta. Tänud Roboteci töökale kollektiivile mõnusa ja kiire teeninduse eest!!

  3. Kuuno Lille (verified owner)

    Seni toimib suurepäraselt, ootustele vastavalt!

  4. Tom Troberg (verified owner)

  5. Agmo Parv (verified owner)

    Väga asjalik ja abivalmis tütarlaps aitas

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Igor (verified owner)

    Väga hästi niidab ja kõige parem on see et ilma juhtmeta on.

  8. Tarmo K. (verified owner)

    Teeb oma töö ära üllatavalt hästi ja kiiresti. Jõudluse poolest kannataks ka ilmselt palju suuremat ala niita, aga liiga suurt ala keeldub kaardistamast. Kaamera tunneb hästi ära mitteniidetavad esemed ja isikud.

  9. Andrei Vešinin (verified owner)

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