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Top Class Robot Lawn Mower for every size of Garden

In our selection, you will find Wiper Premium robotic lawn mowers, among which you can find a suitable model for any size or complexity of a garden.  Quality service and a reliable robot lawn mower that will last for many years!

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We will ship your order secure & fast to all over Europe. If you need any help, please contact us for shipping details to various countries.

Quality Guaranteed

Wiper robot lawn mowers are made from components that are manufactured in Italy, accounting for 98% of their parts. They are exceptionally high-quality and durable. Decades of experience ensure the best robots.

Save of Money

Robot lawn mowers save both time and money. The electricity cost of maintaining an average-sized lawn with a robot mower rarely exceeds €1 per month. Your time is valuable as well, and in that regard, the savings are even greater.

Environmentally friendly

Petrol-powered lawn mowers consume fuel on average up to 10 times more than cars. A lawn robot, on the other hand, doesn't do this at all. Additionally, it contributes to mulching and fertilizing your lawn.

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Top class model to every kind of lawn

Our robot lawn mowers can handle any type of garden. Uneven terrain or slopes are not a problem for them, and powerful, European-made motors drive the machines across slopes of up to 65%. At the same time, it ensures that the entire mowing area is cut evenly and efficiently.

Cutting-edge cutting algorithms, in collaboration with GPS and SAT systems, ensure that the Wiper robot lawn mower locates and maps all parts of the property. This helps the robot optimize the time required to achieve a uniform mowing level, conserving battery power and minimizing wear and tear.

Wiper lawn robots are designed to operate in any “normal” weather conditions. They are moisture-resistant and can work even in the rain. However, a special sensor allows you to program the lawn robot not to work in rainy weather. Wiper ensures a perfect, well-maintained lawn.

Quick installation. We come and install the lawn robot quickly and efficiently.

The right lawn robot for anyone, anywhere.

Lawn robot for small areas.

Robot Lawn Mowers that are perfect for townhouses or single-family homes with small plots up to 1800 m².

Robot Lawn Mower for average garden sizes.

Lawn robots for the most common, or medium-sized, European home gardens up to 6000 m².

Robot Mower for huge areas and fields

Lawn robots for maintaining areas of up to 20,000 m², such as football fields or parks.