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The Proscenic 850T mini is one of the most affordable robot vacuums that offers both vacuuming and wet mopping capabilities. It is capable of cleaning homes up to 120 square meters, with an ideal cleaning area of up to 80 m². Key features include:

  • Maximum suction power of 3000 Pa achieved in factory tests, arguably the highest in its price range.
  • Features a mopping function. In addition to vacuuming, it performs floor wet mopping and can do both simultaneously.
  • With a height of only 7.3 cm and a diameter of just 30.6 cm, the 850T mini can clean under most pieces of furniture.

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The Proscenic 850T is an advancement of the 800 series of robots, but while several features have been significantly improved, its primary function remains the same – to thoroughly clean your home at an affordable price. Additionally, the manufacturer has given the 850 a new look. The robot has a stylish black body with a U-shaped design element.

Extremely Powerful

The 850T robot vacuum cleaner is marked by the manufacturer as having a power of 3000 Pa. This makes it the most powerful robot vacuum cleaner in its price range, and if that’s not enough, it actually outperforms several more expensive devices in this regard.

However, the high power of the 850 does not mean that it is noticeably noisier than other machines. The greatest suction power is needed mainly for carpets, which in turn dampen the sound, and the noise level of this robot vacuum cleaner is not higher than that of its competitors. In fact, comparing noise levels among robot vacuum cleaners is of minor importance, as the differences between products are so minimal and nearly imperceptible to the human ear.

The 850T robot vacuum cleaner offers three different working modes: low, medium, and high. Each mode is designed considering the specifics of the floor surface and the type of debris to be cleaned.

The smart application ensures maximum convenience

Like other Proscenic robot vacuums, the 850T can be controlled not only with a remote but also through an application on your smartphone. From the app, you can set different cleaning modes, schedule cleaning routines, and view the map that the robot creates of its cleaning path.

The Proscenic 850T is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa.

Through the app and remote control, you can choose between three different cleaning modes: automatic, spot cleaning, and edge cleaning.

While the 850T cannot use the map it creates to establish no-go zones or send the robot to clean a specific room or area through the app, this feature is not necessary in most Estonian homes. Only its more expensive counterparts that use laser technology can do this.

Dry and Wet Cleaning

The robot can perform both dry and wet cleaning. Unlike its predecessor, the 830, this machine can perform both functions simultaneously. An important feature of the wet cleaning function is the electronically controlled water discharge, which allows you to set the moisture level of the wet cleaning. The 850T has this feature, enabling effective cleaning regardless of the surface type.

Two-in-One Water and Dust Container

New to this robot is the ability to vacuum and mop at the same time. For wet mopping, add water to the water tank and attach the mop pad with a moistened mop. The robot vacuums and mops simultaneously.

Capable in Almost Every Aspect

The robot is equipped with fall sensors to prevent it from falling from heights, such as down stairs. Its ultra-low design (7.3 cm) allows it to clean under most furniture items. On thick carpets, the 850T automatically increases power and cleans them with special attention.

The robot’s filter system includes both a HEPA and a regular filter. The HEPA filter captures very fine dust particles, making the product particularly suitable for homes with allergy sufferers.

The 850T’s battery is 2500 mAh. On low power, the robot can work for up to 100 minutes continuously.

The order includes:

  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner 850T
  • Charging station and its cable
  • English user manual, with a link to the Estonian user manual found on the invoice after purchase
  • Magnetic strip for setting up no-go zones
  • Four side brushes
  • Spare HEPA filter
  • Remote control
  • Dust container
  • Mop base
  • Two microfiber cloth mops
  • Maintenance brush
Battery 2500 mAh
HEPA filter Yes
Suction power 3000 Pa
Height 7,3 cm
Drop sensor Yes
Mopping Jah
Navigation System Gyro
Cleaning area  Up to 120 m2
Remote control Yes
Climbing height 1,5 cm
Dust container 250 ml
Water tank 200 ml
Working time Up to 100 min
WiFi connection Yes
Charging time 5 – 6 h

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