Terms and Conditions

General Provisions

1.1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to legal relationships arising from the purchase of goods between the customer (hereinafter referred to as the buyer) and the owner of www.robotec.pro, FPL Trading OÜ (hereinafter referred to as the seller).

1.2. The General Terms and Conditions must not contradict the legal norms valid in the Republic of Estonia or in other EU countries and, if necessary (in cases of disputes or missing information), are supplemented by these norms.

1.3. The seller reserves the right to unilaterally change these conditions and product prices for the purpose of improving operational efficiency, competitiveness, future development, and expanding or reorganising the product assortment. Changes and additions to the conditions and product prices come into effect from the moment such information is published on the website www.robotec.pro. If the buyer placed their order before the implementation of the changes, then the terms and conditions valid at the time of the order placement apply to the buyer, except as otherwise provided by law or in these terms and conditions.

1.4. The seller and buyer wish to trade via the website www.robotec.pro under the conditions stipulated in this document.

1.5. By placing an order and making a payment on the seller’s website, the buyer confirms that they have read the sales conditions and agree with them.

Placing and Order

2.1. The buyer selects the desired goods from the online store and adds them to the shopping cart.

2.2. The buyer confirms the shopping cart and pays for the goods using a payment method that suits them. Before paying the order/invoice, the buyer is asked to check that the information on the order/invoice corresponds to their actual desire.

2.3. After paying for the goods, the buyer must click on the link “Back to the merchant”.

2.4. To confirm the order, an order/invoice is sent to the buyer’s email address entered at the time of confirming the shopping cart.

2.5. The sales contract between the seller and the buyer becomes effective from the moment the full purchase amount paid by the buyer is received in the seller’s bank account.

Price of Goods

3.1. The prices of products sold on the www.robotec.pro website are indicated in Euros. All prices include a value-added tax (VAT) of 22%.

3.2. The seller reserves the right to adjust prices. If the buyer placed their order before the price change took effect, the price that applies to them is the one reflected in the order confirmation at the time of placing the order.

3.3. More detailed information about delivery methods and prices is provided in the section “Delivery.”


4.1. It is possible to purchase only those goods from the online store that have a “Add to cart” link.

4.2. The price or availability of goods may change continuously and without prior notice. If the buyer has placed an order before the change of these conditions, the contract conditions valid at the moment of the order apply to the buyer.

4.3. If the online store is unable to fulfill the order, the buyer will be contacted and the paid sum will be refunded.

4.4. On the “Shopping Cart” page, the contents of the shopping cart can still be changed if desired. After confirming the order, the content of the shopping cart can no longer be changed and the cart will be emptied of products. If you cancel the order after entering it, the goods must be reselected to the shopping cart. Once the order and contact details are correctly filled in, payment can be initiated.


5.1. In the online store, payment for the selected goods can be made via bank transfer, bank link, or credit card.

5.2. Note! After paying for the goods (making a bank transfer), it is important to exit the e-banking page by pressing the “Back to the merchant” button. Subsequently, an order confirmation will be displayed on the screen, and an invoice confirming the purchase will be sent to the buyer’s email address entered at the time of confirming the shopping cart.

5.3. Purchases made in the online store are reviewed between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.


6.1. The buyer has the option to receive the goods through Smartpost (Posti.fi) parcel machines.

6.2. All goods purchased from the online store will reach the buyer’s chosen parcel machine or specified address within one to five working days (within Estonia, Finland, Latvia & Lithuania). If the order is placed during the weekend or on holidays, then the goods will be delivered to the buyer on the working days following the holidays. If the product is marked as “on backorder,” delivery times are longer, and in this case, the buyer should contact the customer service of www.robotec.pro to inquire about the length of the delivery time.

6.2.1 Purchases made during a discount period will reach the buyer within a maximum of 14 working days.

6.3. The delivery fee for Smartpost (Posti.fi) is €2.99 (price includes VAT). Delivery is free for orders over €100.

Returning Policy

7.1. The consumer has the right to return the goods within 14 days from the day of delivery and receive a refund within 30 days (excluding the cost of returning the goods).

7.2. The returned goods must not have been used and must be in the original packaging.

7.3. The original packaging must be opened carefully, without causing any damage. If the packaging cannot be opened without being damaged, the buyer is not responsible for the damaged packaging. However, if the buyer damages the packaging due to negligence, meaning the product packaging could have been opened without damage, the seller has the right to demand compensation for the caused damage.

7.4. If upon receiving the goods, the buyer discovers that they have been sent incorrect or defective goods, or if the goods do not arrive in good condition and in a sealed package, the buyer must immediately contact the seller’s representative by writing to the email address info@robotec.pro.

7.5. The seller is responsible for the goods purchased by the buyer during transportation. The risk of damage or loss of the goods transfers to the buyer from the moment of receiving the goods.

7.6. The refund period begins from the moment the buyer has returned the unsuitable goods to the seller, and the seller has received and inspected them.

7.7. To return the goods via Smartpost, the same code used for receiving the goods must be used for sending them back. A return slip must be attached to the shipment.

7.8. If the product shows signs of use or requires cleaning, the seller has the right to charge a fee for the time spent or the decrease in the value of the goods.

Processing of Buyer's Personal Data

8.1. The seller uses the personal data and information about purchases submitted by the buyer in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, to the extent necessary for fulfilling the order placed by the buyer in the online store. The seller does not disclose the buyer’s personal data to third parties, except to a postal or courier service provider to the extent necessary for the delivery of goods to the buyer.

8.2. The seller does not have access to the buyer’s banking details during the payment for goods via internet banking.

Sales Warranty and Filing a Complaint

9.1. The seller is responsible for any non-conformity of the purchased goods for two years from the date of delivery to the buyer. In the case of the sale of goods to the buyer, it is presumed that any non-conformity that becomes apparent within six months from the date of delivery was present at the time of delivery, unless this presumption contradicts the nature of the goods or the defect. The buyer is obliged to notify the seller of the non-conformity of the goods immediately, but no later than seven days after its discovery, i.e., to submit a complaint.

9.2. In case of complaints, the buyer must send the reason for the complaint and a description by email to info@robotec.pro. The complaint should include the buyer’s name and contact details, the date of filing the complaint, the defect found in the goods, the content of the claim being made, and attach a document proving the purchase.

9.3. The seller is not responsible for any damage or any other consequences, including delivery delays, resulting from incorrect data provided by the buyer during order fulfillment, if these circumstances were beyond the seller’s control.

9.4. The seller is not liable for damage resulting from improper use or storage of the ordered goods.

9.5. Disputes arising between the seller and the buyer are to be resolved through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the buyer has the right to seek protection of their rights from the Consumer Protection Board, the Consumer Complaints Commission, and/or Harju County Court.

9.6. If not mentioned differently on the product page, all products sold in the www.robotec.pro online store have a one-year warranty. The right to file a complaint is valid for two years from the transfer of the goods to the buyer.

9.7. The warranty does not extend to wear parts such as bristles, mops, HEPA filters, and batteries. Batteries have a one-year warranty.

9.10 All products sold in the www.robotec.pro online store are for home use, and the sales warranty applies to private customers. For business customers, the www.robotec.pro online store offers its own sales warranty for 6 months after the purchase.

9.11 The warranty repairs for all brands (except Ecovacs) are carried out locally in Estonia. Ecovacs warranty repairs are carried out in Lithuania at the Servisa warranty workshop, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The duration of warranty work in Lithuania does not depend on the www.robotec.pro online store and may take up to 8 weeks.

9.12 Extended warranty for Robotec R7 Max robot vacuum cleaner. The standard warranty for Robotec R7 Max is 2 years for the robot and charging station plus 1 year for the battery. The warranty can be extended up to 5 years, provided that the robot has been serviced by us every year after the purchase. The first service must be within 12 months after the purchase, the second service within 24 months and so on. The extended warranty only applies to the motors and motherboards of the robot. It does not cover water damage or damage made by falling or damage by other blunt force.

Rights of the Buyer in Case of Defective Goods:

10.1. Firstly, demand the free repair of the goods or their replacement with new goods.

10.2. Demand withdrawal from the contract if:

10.2.1. The seller is unable to repair or replace the goods,

10.2.2. The repair fails,

10.2.3. The seller has not remedied the defect of the goods within a reasonable time,

10.2.3. The repair or replacement of the goods has caused unreasonable inconvenience to the consumer.

10.3. The seller is not responsible for defects in the goods if:

10.3.1. The product failure was caused by incorrect use or careless maintenance;

10.3.2. The product has already been opened or repaired by someone other than our company or one of our partners;

10.3.3. In the case of mechanical damages;

10.3.4. The failure was caused by overvoltage, water or fire damage, or other circumstances beyond the manufacturer’s control;

10.3.5. The product lacks a purchase receipt or invoice.

10.4. Complaints related to goods or services purchased from the online store must be sent to the email address: info@robotec.pro. The goods must be returned using a parcel machine.

Other Conditions

11.1. The seller uses the personal data provided by the buyer only for fulfilling the buyer’s purchase order. The seller does not disclose information obtained during the purchase process to third parties, except to partners for the delivery of the order (buyer’s name, phone number, and delivery address) and in cases provided by law.

11.2. The security of internet bank links used for payment for goods is ensured by an encrypted data transmission channel, which prevents third parties from accessing personal data and banking details.

11.3. In matters not regulated by these conditions, the buyer and seller shall be guided by the laws of the Republic of Estonia and other acts regulating the relationships between the parties.

11.4. Disputes and disagreements arising from the fulfillment of these conditions are primarily resolved by the parties through negotiations. If disputes arising from the contract cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, both the buyer and the seller have the right to seek protection of their rights from the Consumer Protection Board or in court.