Wiper Blitz XH4

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The Wiper Blitz XH4 robotic lawnmower is primarily designed for very small gardens. For example, to maintain the lawn of a terraced house or any other small garden area. Its maximum mowing area is 400 square meters, and unlike most other robotic lawnmowers, you don’t need to install a perimeter wire for the XH4.

In principle, there is no need for any preparation to use the Wiper Blitz XH4 robotic lawnmower. Simply make the purchase from our store, and we will deliver the robot to your home, allowing you to start enjoying your free time.

We don`t have a lot of clients with Blitz XH4 but the ones we have have given very positive feedback.

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Operating Principle

The Wiper Blitz XH4 operates on a simple principle. You charge it, place it on your lawn, and start it. The robot is so smart that it can detect when the grass is running out and will turn itself around in such cases. This ensures that it won’t escape from your garden. Since the robot has grass sensors and no perimeter wire, it won’t recognize if your lawn extends into your neighbor’s. Therefore, using this model requires some form of separation between your lawn and your neighbor’s, such as a fence.

In collaboration with the Amico smart device, safe lawn mowing is guaranteed even in the presence of pets. Maintaining and changing the blades of the Wiper Blitz lawnmower is incredibly easy.

Maximum mowing area 400 m²
Starting points 1
Maximum slope 50%
Battery (Ah) 5
Average work cycle +/- 20% (hours) 2
Charging time (hours) 3
Motor Brushless
Wheels Classical
Maximum speed (m/min) 18
User interference Keyboard and LED
Application Bluetooth
Blade type Star blade
Cut width (cm) 25
Blade speed (rpm) 3000
Min - Max blade height (mm) 42 – 48
Changing blade height Manual
Charger 2 A – 60 W
Charging regime Manual
Total weight (kg) 8,3
Water resistance IPx4
Noise level (dBA) 65
Warranty 2 years


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