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The iBeeasy WinBee 770 window cleaning robot features smart navigation that automatically detects window edges. The Winbee 770 is equipped with a vibrating mop and a five-stage cleaning system. Its square design allows it to better reach corners and edges than round-shaped window cleaning robots.

It can also effectively clean soft window top blinds and operates well even in 0ºC weather conditions.

You can read more reviews about the product from our previous website.

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The Smart Window Cleaning Robot features a grid-shaped design and a vibrating mop, allowing it to access window corners and edges more effectively than round-shaped window cleaning robots.

iBeeasy Winbee 770 offers intelligent navigation – the robot calculates the perfect cleaning path, detects window edges, and cleans the surface. Its upper mop part vibrates, effectively removing dried dirt from the window. The robot is equipped with a powerful vacuum pump that holds it securely to the window or surface, ensuring safety.

Five cleaning modes enable automatic cleaning from any point: N, Z, Repeat, Area, and Manual. In Repeat mode, the robot covers a relatively small area while vibrating to ensure thorough cleaning and removing stubborn dirt. It cleans glass and smooth surfaces, shower glass, tiles, windows both inside and outside. The surface to be cleaned should be larger than 50 cm x 70 cm.

Integrated Safety Features:

  • The robot requires power from the mains to operate, but it also has a safety battery that prevents it from falling in case of a power outage.
  • A collision avoidance algorithm detects obstacles and frames.
  • Sensors control the vacuum.
  • A highly secure safety rope, connected to the suction cup, ensures safety.

The robot saves time by cleaning windows twice as fast as you could manually. It reaches the upper parts of tall windows that might be difficult for you to access. The robot signals and stops in the same spot where it started cleaning after completing the job. It’s a fast-cleaning and powerful suction device.

The cleaning mops, made of high-quality microfiber, are environmentally friendly and reusable. For better cleaning results, it is recommended to wash them in a washing machine with 40ºC water. A remote control allows manual operation of the robot. The robot features an ergonomic handle for placement on the window.

Included in the package:

  • Window Cleaning Robot
  • Adapter
  • Remote Control
  • Safety Rope
  • Power Cable
  • Mops (two pairs)
  • User Manual (a link is provided in the order confirmation email)

Please note: Window cleaning solution is not included in the package!

7 reviews for iBeeasy Winbee 770

  1. Margot (verified owner)

  2. Aino (verified owner)

    Tere! Esimesel pesemisel jäid ühele aknale triibud. Teiseks ei olnud pakendis kaasas lubatud roboti puhastuslappi.
    Muidu oli tore jälgida, kuidas keegi su eest töö ära teeb. 🙂

    • Katriin (store manager)

      Tere! Mida puhtamad on aknapesuroboti mopid, seda puhtamaks aken jääb. Esimesel korral peale talve võiks ühte akent mitu korda pesta ja vahepeal ka moppe vahetada. Puhastuslappi ega ka puhastusvedelikku pakis pole. Paki sisu on meie kodulehel toote kirjelduses välja toodud.

  3. TAAVI TAEL (verified owner)


  4. Jüri (verified owner)

    Ületas mu ootusi, olin eelnevalt skeptiline selle puhastusvõime osas

  5. Kaari (verified owner)

    Olen väga rahul. Aknad said kiiresti puhtaks. Akende puhastamisel tuleb kindlasti meeles pidada , et kõigepealt puhastada kuiva mopiga tolm ära ja siis alles pesemisvahendiga niisutatud mopiga.

  6. Riho Elmat (verified owner)

    Tere. Olen aknapesurobotiga väga rahul. Teeb suurepäraselt oma tööd. Veel kortd tänud

  7. Tiina (verified owner)

    Usin väike abiline. Olen ostuga rahul 🙂

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