Ecovacs Winbot W1 PRO

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Ecovacs Winbot W1 PRO is the most capable window cleaner robot in the market.

The most innovative feature of this product is the window cleaning liquid container – the robot moistens the mops itself, ensuring they don’t dry out when cleaning large surfaces.

You can control the robot through a mobile app – it’s easy and convenient. The robot operates from the mains, so you don’t have to wait for it to charge the battery. The robot also features a stylish leather handle.

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If you have large windows at home, the Winbot W1 Pro is the product you need for cleaning them. In the past, a drawback of window cleaning robots was that the mop pads would dry out on large windows, and it wasn’t recommended to spray detergent directly onto the glass. The Winbot W1 Pro comes with a built-in container for window cleaning liquid – the device sprays the right amount of liquid onto the window, allowing you to clean large surfaces effectively.

The Winbot W1 Pro is a robot that requires a continuous power connection for operation. This may seem inconvenient, but it gives you the ability to clean windows for as long as you want without interruptions for battery charging.

Control of the Winbot W1 Pro is done through the Ecovacs Home mobile app, which allows you to send the robot to specific spots on the window and change cleaning modes. While the robot has a physical switch to turn it on, you can only adjust settings through the mobile app. The product does not include a remote control.

Another innovation compared to older devices is the leather handle. Thanks to this solution, the robot is much lower in height.

The package includes a carrying case, making it easy to take the robot to your cottage or country house.

The power cord for the Winbot W1 Pro is 4.5 meters long. The robot’s cleaning speed is 0.40 m² per minute.

When cleaning windows, it is advisable to choose suitable weather conditions. Better results are achieved when the sun is not directly shining on the glass, and the temperature is above 10°C.

Features of the Winbot W1 Pro

The Winbot W1 Pro window cleaning robot moves on the window in either an N or Z-shaped trajectory, and it finishes its work in the same spot where it started, making it easy to remove from the window.

You should use the window cleaning robot to clean windows at least once a month, and it will effectively handle dirt. After the winter season, you may need to clean your windows several times and replace the cleaning pads because a lot of dirt accumulates on windows during the winter. In the summer, plant resins and fly dirt may not come off with the first cleaning, so you may need to clean the same window twice or use the deep cleaning function or spot cleaning.

The Winbot W1 Pro’s liquid container can hold 60 ml of glass cleaner, which is sufficient for 60 minutes of the robot’s operation. There are nozzles at the front and rear of the robot from which the liquid is sprayed onto the window. This ensures that the robot moistens the window appropriately, and the cleaning pads do not remain dry on larger surfaces.

The robot’s dimensions are: base 27×27 cm, height 7.8 cm.

Limitations of Using the Window Cleaning Robot

The window cleaning robot can be used on both framed and frameless windows, but there are certain limitations to consider. Frameless windows should have a minimum gap of one centimeter between them. If the gaps between the glass are smaller, the edge sensors won’t detect the edge, and the vacuum pump will lose its vacuum. For windows with frames, the frames should be at least 3 mm high, and the frame with the glass should form a right angle. It’s important to ensure that the robot doesn’t drive onto the frame, as this would cause the vacuum to be lost.

The minimum size of the cleaning surface is 30 x 40 cm.

Charging the Safety Battery

Before using the robot for the first time or after it has been unused for an extended period, you should charge the safety battery. To do this, connect the device to the power source and switch it on. If you’ve cleaned the windows and plan to store the robot for an extended period, let it fully charge the battery before putting it away. It’s recommended to charge the robot’s safety battery at least once every 6 months to extend the battery’s lifespan.

Package Contents

  • Window Cleaning Robot
  • Two double-sided microfiber cleaning pads
  • 230 ml window cleaning liquid
  • Transport case
  • Safety rope
  • Power adapter
  • Polishing cloth.


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