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The only robot vacuum you will ever need. Robotec R7 Max represents the latest in cleaning robot technology, boasting a state-of-the-art 8-in-1 docking station, cutting-edge rotating mops, and an advanced 3D AI navigation system. This robot transforms the idea of self-sufficient operation with a host of automated features:

  • It autonomously cleans and mops floors
  • Self-cleans its mops during the process
  • Independently empties out collected dirt
  • Refills water by itself
  • Disposes of dirty water
  • Cleans its mops
  • Dries its mops
  • Automatically increases suction power on carpets
  • Is capable of lifting the mop when on carpet
  • Can identify obstacles on the floor without assistance.

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5-year Warranty

A standard 2 year warranty applies for the robot plus additional 3 year warranty for robots serviced by our technicians every year. The terms and conditions for the standard and extended warranty can be found on the warranty terms and conditions page.

4 cleaning modes

robotec R7 Max can be used in 4 different modes:

  • Vacuuming only
  • Mopping only
  • Vacuuming and mopping at the same time
  • Vacuuming first and after finishing it performs the mopping

Using the simultaneous vacuuming and mopping mode saves the robot 50% of the time which means it can cover larger areas with maximum efficiency.

Mopping like no robot vacuum before

The robotec R7 Max has 2 rotating mops that in addition to the rotation movement also apply pressure to the floor. It is something no robot vacuum has done before and probably never will. You can kiss the dry toothpaste stains on the floor goodbye. When other comparable products in the market simply avoid the carpet when mopping, robotec R7 Max takes things to another level. Namely it rises its mops when it reaches carpet and keeps on vacuuming so that you don`t have to think about it. Unlike other robot vacuums the robotec R7 Max is designed to clean the floors with special floor cleaning liquids. That gives an additional touch to the cleanness of the floors. 1 free bottle of cleaning liquid comes with the product.

Big battery capacity and a huge suction power

Large battery capacity of 6900 mAh ensures all the necessary cleaning gets done even in the biggest homes. Robotec R7 Max can work up to 5 hours in one cleaning cycle and is designed to clean homes up to 350 m².  The suction power on 6000 Pa makes the cleaning on the carpet a breeze and can handle even bigger granules of dirt.

Completely autonomous cleaning

Robotec R7 Max automatically cleans its dirt from the dust container into the dust bag that is situated in the cleaning station. That is not all. It also cleans the mops, sucks the dirty water into the dirty water container and moisturizes the mops afterwards from the clean water container to continue cleaning if needed. So you can be sure that your robot is ready to go whenever you need it.

Connects with Alexa and Google Assistant

Robotec R7 Max is obviously compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can easily send commants to it via the most popular voice assistant systems in the market.

Compared to other high end robot vacuums in the market

  Robotec R7 Max Deebot X2 Omni Schbot F1 Pitbox Roborock S8 Pro Ultra
Price € 999 € 1,399 € 1,499 € 1,222
Max suction power (Pa) 6000 8000 2880 6000
Battery (mAh) 6900 6400 2600 5200
Max working time (min) 300 200 110 180
Max working area (m2) 350 300 200 300
Height (cm) 8.6 9.5 9.8 9.65
Rotating mops yes yes no no
Cleans dust container yes yes yes yes
Washes mops yes yes no yes
Rises mops on carpet yes yes no yes
Warranty up to 5 years 2 years up to 5 years 2 years

Stylish design that adapts to every home

Robotec R7 Max is designed by our team and adapts perfectly to every home. Compared to other robotic vacuums on the market the R7 Max blends to the surroundings and transforms itself into a decorative element instead of an appalling figure in the corner.

Attribute Data
Brand robotec
Model R7 Max
Type vacuuming and mopping
Method logical
Battery 6900 mAh
Voltage 14.4V
Max working time 300 min
Full charging time 360 min
Max cleaning area 350 m²
Dust container 300 ml
Dust Collection Box 2,5 l
Sewage Tank 4 l
Fresh Water Tank 4 l
Robot Water Tank 80ml
Mopping Self fill, self clean
Dust collection Self clean
Lifting mop on carpet Yes
Mop speed 180 rpm / min
Mop pressure 10N
Sensors 3D AI, Cliff Sensor, Collision Sensor, Distance Sensor, Optical Sensor, Bumper Cover Sensor, Wall Sensor, Camera
Functions automatic cleaning of mops during cleaning process, automatic emptying of the container, automatic return to base, child lock, independent dust and water tanks, 3D AI obstacle recognition, carpet vacuuming mode, ultrasonic carpet detection, anti-hair tangle protection
Noise level 50 - 80 dB
Max sucrion power 6000 Pa
Robot size 330*330*86 mm
Base Station Size 402*400*272 mm
Mop lifting 15 mm
Climbing height 20 mm



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