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The Proscenic M9 is undoubtedly the most popular robot vacuum cleaner in our online store, a new version or an enhanced successor of the M8 Pro. If you are someone who wants to use the smartest features in a robot vacuum, the most advanced wet cleaning on the market, and maximum freedom in the form of a cleaning station, then the M9 is definitely the best choice.


  • Maps your home. Set no-go zones or send it to clean specific rooms only.
  • Has a wet cleaning function with two rotating mops applying pressure to the floor.
  • Powerful. A maximum suction power of 4500 Pa, one of the best in the market, ensures clean floors. Additionally, it has a 5200 mAh battery that allows for a long working time even in the strongest mode.
  • Long working mode. Cleans for hours in a row. Can handle homes up to 300 m².
  • Thanks to the cleaning station, it empties the dust container independently.

Order today and get as a free gift 2 cleaning mops, 2 dust bags, 1 side brush, and 1 HEPA filter.

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Enhanced navigation and precision

Thanks to the new IPNAS 5.0 technology, the Proscenic M9 robot vacuum cleaner is capable of creating a map of your home that is 1.8 times more precise, which increases the efficiency of cleaning by up to four times. The M9 is a device that utilizes 5th generation laser and navigation technology. This ensures reliable and innovative operation in any complex conditions. Navigating around chair or table legs is not a problem.

Rotating mops that pressurize the floor

With the arrival of the Proscenic M9, dragging a regular cleaning cloth has become a thing of the past. The M9 utilizes a washing function with two rotating mops, which, in conjunction with the pressure the robot applies to the surface, ensures results that are significantly better than its predecessors.

A good washing function is an excellent addition to vacuuming.

Vacuums and washes using the same container

The tedious task of swapping containers for vacuuming and washing functions is over. The Proscenic M9 features a single container that can hold 280 ml of dust and 300 ml of water. This way, you save 50% of your time, and your home gets cleaned with one solution.

There’s no need to worry about the 280 ml dust container being too small, as it’s important to remember that the M9 cleans the debris from its dust container into the dust bag of the cleaning station after cleaning. At the beginning of each new cleaning cycle, the dust container is empty, and the robot is ready to work for you.

The self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner ensures maximum convenience

The cleaning station, which autonomously cleans the dust container of the robot vacuum cleaner, ensures maximum time saving. No longer do you need to empty the vacuum cleaner’s container daily; instead, you can do it just once every couple of months.

The Proscenic M9 dust station is uniquely designed with a UV lamp that sterilizes bacteria and reduces the transmission of pathogens.

The two dust bags included in the set are sufficient for an average of six months of use. When they run out, they can always be reordered from us.

Powerful suction – powerful result

The maximum suction power of 4500 Pa ensures that nothing remains lying on the floor.

It effectively vacuums up pet hair, human hair, granite granules, etc. You can be sure that if at all possible, the M9 will handle the task on both hard and soft surfaces.

The robot vacuum cleaner’s optimal design and construction ensure that debris stays in the dust container and eliminates the risk of anything falling out.

An optimal solution for someone who values both the cleanliness of their home and their free time.

A high-capacity battery

The 5200 mAh battery allows the robot vacuum cleaner to work continuously (in quiet mode) for up to 4 hours. This means that the machine can cover 320 square meters in one go. And even if the battery runs out in the meantime, the smart machine will go to charge itself and then continue from where it left off once it’s recharged.

The durable battery is especially useful when using the Proscenic M9’s unique deep cleaning mode, where the robot vacuum cleaner goes over your home in a criss-cross pattern, cleaning first in one direction and then redoing everything at right angles.

The deep cleaning mode ensures maximum cleanliness, and since it takes quite a bit of time, it is best used when you are not at home.

Smart charging station

Like its predecessor model M8 Pro, the M9 can be controlled using buttons located on the charging station. By pressing the corresponding button, the robot vacuum cleaner will either start cleaning or return to the charging station using the shortest trajectory.

The charging station features buttons for start, charging process notification, dust bag fullness, and home calling. This is a function missing in competitors’ models.

There’s no need to search for the remote control or phone every time you want to start the robot or send it home.

Plan anything, anytime

The M9 robot vacuum cleaner allows you to designate different zones and divide your home into different rooms with just a few button presses. You can then use the calendar function to schedule when the robot vacuum cleaner will clean specific areas.

The app can store up to five different maps. The M9 is your new home assistant.

Intelligently increases power

When the M9 robot vacuum cleaner encounters a soft carpet, it automatically increases its power. This automatic power boost occurs on softer carpets where the friction force of the robot vacuum cleaner’s main brush increases. The smart device’s sensors detect this and subsequently increase the power.

The maximum power vacuums away cookie crumbs, pet hair, and even cat litter granules from the carpet. You can be sure that debris, which might challenge other robot vacuum cleaners on carpets, will be effectively cleaned and transported to the cleaning station.

Alexa and Google Assistant

Naturally, the M9 also supports Alexa and Google Assistant smart devices. Simply give a voice command to the robot to start cleaning, and it will do so.

Nothing could be more convenient or easier.

Invisible Walls

Magnetic strips are a thing of the past. To prevent the M9 from going where it’s not needed, simply draw the appropriate lines in the app, and the machine will know not to touch those areas. You can set up to 15 no-go zones through the app.

The app allows you to designate no-go zones separately for vacuuming and wet mopping (such as carpets).

Intelligent Room Division System

The intelligent iRoom cleaning system automatically divides your home into rooms. You can then send the robot to clean each area separately, or you can choose to clean several different rooms at once. If the automatic room layout is not to your liking, you can always change it and customize it according to your preferences.

Multi-Level Mapping

The M9 is capable of remembering different maps. Thanks to this feature, it can recall the various floors in your home, making it easy to move it between floors.

Simply take the robot to the upper floor, press the cleaning command, and the robot will start working.

There’s no need to worry about it falling down the stairs. The M9 is equipped with fall sensors that effectively protect it from falling.

The package includes:

  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner M9
  • Charging/Cleaning Station and its cable
  • Dust bag for the cleaning station
  • Side brush
  • HEPA filter in the dust container
  • Remote control with batteries
  • Dust and water container
  • Two microfiber cloth mops
  • Two mop holders
  • Maintenance brush
  • As a gift: 2 cleaning mops, 2 dust bags, 1 side brush, and 1 HEPA filter
  • Estonian language user manual (the link can be found on the invoice after receiving the product)

Battery 5200 mAh
Alexa and Google Asisstant Yes
HEPA filter Yes
Suction Power 4500 Pa
Weight 3,8 kg
Dimensions (cm) 9,9 x 35
Drop sensor Yes
Mopping Yes
Noise level 62 -74 dB
Navigation System Laser
Cleaning area Up to 300 m2
Climbing height 2 cm
Dust container 250 ml
Water tank 200 ml
Wifi connection Yes
Working time Up to 250 min
Remote control Yes
Battery warranty period 12 months

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