Pool Cleaner NEMH2O

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XS is designed for pools up to 12 meters in length

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NEMH2O is the most innovative pool robot on the market. The device is designed and manufactured by the Italian-rooted company Zuchetti. Thanks to NEMH2O, you will never have to spend time again on a pool cleaning or the robot itself.

  • The novel inductive charging system translates to shorter charging times and more efficient and autonomous use of the pool robot.
  • Microscopic teeth on the robot’s wheels ensure the best grip and slow down wear and tear.
  • NEMH2O is a true revolution among pool robots. It’s cable-free, autonomous, and remains in the water constantly.
  • It’s incredibly easy to use. Anyone can handle the NEMH2O installation, whether it’s for existing or newly built pools.

You will relax while the pool cleaning robot is working

Basseinirobot töötab

Thanks to wireless technology, Nemh2o moves freely around the pool and charges itself using induction charging.

The 100% autonomous robot can be programmed through the app and can be in your pool year-round.

After acquiring the Nemh2o pool cleaning robot, you won’t be able to imagine your life without it…

Nemh2o App

With the app, you can effortlessly set up the pool clening robot and configure its settings.

NEMH2O Specifications

Specification XS
Maximum pool length (m) 12
Bottom speed (m/min) 8 - 12
Wall speed (m/min) 8
Maximum pool depth (m) 10
Filter 2 l, 0,5 mm
Number of turbines 2
Motor Brushless
Transmission Magnetic Joints
“no O-ring”
Holeless shell
Lithium-Ion Battery (25.9 Volts) 13,75 Ah
Charger 186 W
Inductive Charging 4 A
Charging Mode Automatic
Average Charging Time 3,5 h
Average Working Time +-20% 2 h
Robot Weight – Incl. Batteries (Kg) 21,0
Robot Dimensions (mm) 410x460x320
Robot Degree of protection IP68
Charge Degree of protection IP67
Out of Water Sensor   ✔️
Gyroscope, Encoder, Inclinometer   ✔️
Bluetooth Receiver   ✔️
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