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The Wiper K Premium robotic lawnmower is designed for lawns up to 1800 square meters. Depending on the density of the grass and whether the terrain is more rough or smooth, it is advisable to consider a working area of -20% for added certainty.

The Wiper K robot lawnmower adapts better to different uneven lawn surfaces than any other robot lawnmower, thanks to its two-part modular-like structure. Soft and wide rubber tires create a larger contact area with the ground, ensuring better traction.

All regularly maintained Wiper K series robots come with a 6-year (up to 5000 operating hours) factory warranty.

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SKU: RNWKPremium
Maximum mowing area 1800 m²
Starting points 8
Maximum slope 45%
Maximum slope near perimeter wire 20%
Battery (Ah) 8.7
Average work cycle +/- 20% (hours) 3.75
Charging time (hours) 1.5
Motor Brushless
Wheels Rubber
Maximum speed (m/min) 30
Rain sensor Yes
Shortcut to return to the charging station No
Returning to the charging station via the cable Yes
Returning to the charging station with the V meter system Yes
Returning to the charging station with the help of the GPS system No
User interference Keyboard and LED
Application Bluetooth
Bluetooth Yes
Connection (GPS - GSM) No
PIN code Yes
GPS alarm (Geofence) No
Blade type Star blade
Cut width (cm) 25
Blade speed (rpm) 3000
Min - Max blade height (mm) 25 – 65
Changing blade height Manual
Spiral cutting system Yes
GPS-assisted cutting system No
ECO function Yes
Can handle closed areas Yes
Charging station cover Not included
Signal type TX-C1
Maximum perimeter length (m) 1000
Charger 8 A – 235 W
Total weight (kg) 15.6
Water resistance IPx5
Noise level (dBA) 63
Warranty Up to 6 years


2-year standard warranty

The warranty covers all material or manufacturing defects for 2 (two) years from the original purchase date. The manufacturer does not guarantee uninterrupted or faultless operation of the product and is not responsible for damages caused by not following the user manual’s instructions.

The warranty does not cover aesthetic damage, such as scratches, dents, and dings.

Consumables such as batteries, blades, belts, cables, wheels, and brushes are not covered by the warranty unless the damage is caused by a material or manufacturing defect.

Damage resulting from the use of non-ZCS produced or sold accessories is not covered by the warranty. If the user has modified the product independently, the warranty terms become invalid.

The warranty also does not cover damage caused by accidents, abuse, misuse, floods, fires, or other natural events.

The manufacturer or seller covers the cost of warranty work. The customer is responsible for transportation for inspection.

The warranty for batteries is valid for 2 years. The standard warranty for motors in the standard package is valid for up to 2 years but not more than 3000 working hours.

+4 years additional warranty

An additional 6 (six)-year warranty applies to Wiper K series models. The additional warranty is valid only if the robotic lawnmower has been regularly serviced by an authorized dealer.

The 4-year additional warranty is valid for:

  1. Manufacturing defects or plastic components that are not subject to wear and tear.
  2. Electronic components, except as indicated on the warranty sheet.
  3. Cutting and wheel motors until 5000 working hours are reached.

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