Silver Maintenance Package for Robot Mowers

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The Silver package differs from the Bronze package in that while you still bring your robot lawnmower to us, after maintenance, we store the machine in our warehouse, keeping the battery charged according to the manufacturer’s recommendations throughout the winter. In the spring, we’ll await your return to pick up your machine once again.

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The Silver Maintenance Package includes:

  1. Robot lawnmower cleaning
  2. Blade sharpening or assessment for replacement
  3. Proper winter charging of the device
  4. Inspection of moving parts and bearings
  5. Software updates
  6. Testing and, if necessary, adjustment of the robot lawnmower’s sensors with the corresponding software
  7. Assessment of repair needs
  8. Proper winter storage of the robot lawnmower

The cost of replacement parts or the cost of labor for repairs is not included in the maintenance package price.


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