Robot Vacuum Maintenance

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In order to ensure a long lifetime to your product it is recommended to thoroughly maintain robot vacuum cleaners once a year. We perform maintenance to all the robot vacuums we sell. The maintenance includes:

  • Comprehensive cleaning of the device, both inside and out.
  • Cleaning and lubricating moving parts.
  • Cleaning of filters.
  • Inspection and, if necessary, adjustment of critical components.
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To order maintenance, you should first purchase the service from our online store on this page. Simply add the service to your cart and complete the purchase with your details. For the delivery method, choose Smartpost and the parcel machine where you would like the robot returned.

Next, the robot should be carefully packaged, preferably in its original packaging. If that’s not possible, secure it with sufficient bubble wrap or other cushioning material to prevent damage during transport. Ensure the robot does not move inside the box.

Send the robot to any Kiili parcel machine. Please mark Robotec as the recipient and use the phone number +372 53848289. It is important to include the owner’s name, phone number, and email address with the package.

You can also bring the robot to our office located in Kiili 75401 , Veski 5, II door. If you choose to pick up the robot yourself, select ‘I will pick it up myself’ when completing the purchase and arrange a time for pick-up.

For any questions, call us at +372 53848289 or write to


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