Robot Vacuum Comparison – let’s look at the numbers

Robot Vacuum Comparison – let’s look at the numbers

As there are so many robot vacuums out there in the market already it is extremely difficult for a normal person who is just looking for a quality robot vacuum to navigate. That is why we have written this robotic vacuum comparison post in order to make it more understandable to someone who might not be so eager to do all the hard work of comparing the machines.

Things to look at when comparing robotic vacuums

We have actually gone through this many times already in our best robot vacuum cleaner article and in the blog post about choosing a great mopping robot vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless we are going to just briefly mention the important aspects again here.

In short the things to look at are the battery capacity, suction power, maximum working time and area, height, mopping functions (not all mopping robots are the same), dust container capabilities and the availability of functions on the carpet.

High end Robot vacuums comparison chart

In order to make it easier to grasp here is a chart of the most high end robotic vacuums money can buy at the time of writing this article.

Robotec R7Deebot X2 OmniSchbot F1 PitboxRoborock S8 Pro Ultra
Price€ 999€ 1,399€ 1,499€ 1,222
Max suction power (Pa)6000800028806000
Battery (mAh)6900640026005200
Max working time (min)300200110180
Max working area (m2)350300200300
Height (cm)
Rotating mopsyesyesnono
Cleans dust containeryesyesyesyes
Washes mopsyesyesnoyes
Rises mops on carpetyesyesnoyes
Warrantyup to 5 years2 yearsup to 5 years2 years
Note: prices of the products in the chart may change over time.,

Comparison chart for some of the lower end robotic vacuums

Here is a quick robotic vacuum comparison chart for cheaper vacuums that don`t do much else than a simple vacuuming and a dragging of a wet mop behind them.

Ozmo T8 AIVIProscenic 850TEufy RoboVac 11siLife A4s Pro
Price€ 299€ 199€ 249€ 169
Max suction power (Pa)1500300020002000
Battery (mAh)5200260026002600
Max working time (min)17512010090
Max working area (m2)NANANANA
Height (cm)
Warranty3 years1 year2 years2 years

Other things to note

Of course with robot vacuum comparison there are some other factors that matter. The availability of the product and a speedy delivery are things not to neglect. Also when it comes to the after sales service you should bare in mind that most of the online shops do not repair or do not offer any after sales services whatsoever.

On the other hand when you buy from us you will have the certainty of a swift repair wherever you are located. We will handle the transport of the product to us and back to you. You would not have to worry about it.

What now?

Well you probably figured out that Robotec R7 Max if not the best is a pretty decent robotic vacuum to buy. So feel free to go here and make the purchase. Just be quick, it is now on sale with a special price but it will not last forever.